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Healing from injustice

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Amanda Ashley

Some of the things we are currently facing in society are grievous and even traumatic with media outlets all screaming death and adversity. Our attention has anxiously been littered with the fear of uncertainty, death, social and racial trauma. Injustice is widespread among our black population and ignorance is no longer a childhood bliss among this generation.

So how do we begin to heal from it all? Support those around you in your communities and advocate for support. I am not ignorant to injustice because I choose to focus on order to strategize through a resolution we must focus on the solution more than the problem. That’s difficult to do when we are reminded of our trauma on a national scale. There are some things that should be avoided while healing from trauma. When the risk of retraumatization is great the prognosis of healing is often delayed, causing greater mental health concerns such as depression and increased symptoms of anxiety. 

Some things that could help with healing in our current social and racial climate: 

  1. Cut it off! Turn off the news 🤷🏽‍♀️ yes turn it off, tune it out, unfollow, unsubscribe.

  2. Switch it up! Change your following, yes delete and block if necessary, seek out and add those who are of value to your current perspective. 

  3. Reflect! Make time to self reflect. What does all this mean for me and how are my emotions motivating me to deal with it? How will you become part of something greater than yourself? What matters most? 

  4. Keep it 100! Be real with yourself and allow yourself the compassion to heal.

Let’s put our attention on healing, supporting one another, and having the real conversations that unite us through our experiences in life. 

One Love! 

Amanda Ashley 🖤

Photo credit: iLLite Fotos

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