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Finding Motivation and Living with Purpose

As a woman of psychology I study human behavior and ways to adapt it to a place of resilience and strength in a world that’s always changing and evolving. That is also the nature of people we are created to grow, change, adapt and evolve. To change or evolve means to alter what already exists to a more adaptive state. We as people are molded. We’re molded by culture, by society, by our experience. Our perspectives or the way we see the world is often jaded by what we’ve seen in our world. We don’t need to be fixed, we just need to be lifted. Here are three ways you can find motivation and live with purpose as we adjust and adapt to an ever changing world.

Document Your Goals

Keep doing, make a plan, document it, and make your goals attainable. Outline what your goals and dreams are and write down all the small steps that can help you achieve them. Review these every day to ensure that your daily choices and behaviors align with them. Seeing these everyday will help you stay motivated for the task ahead. 

Self Reflect

Spend time to self reflect. In a largely distracting world, it's increasingly important that we focus internally to understand our behaviours, motivations and actions. Our daily behaviours say alot about who we are, our beliefs and the things that are important to us. Self reflection allows us to see deeper inside of ourselves and come to terms with what's working and what's not working. Keep a journal to track your habits, select the ones you want to change and talk to a therapist to help you through them. My counseling services are available to help youbecome the person you've always wanted to be.

Find Balance

Balancing your lifestyle helps decrease stress and anxiety and increase motivation. This includes managing your time wisely, making wellness a priority and allowing yourself to be surrounded by loved ones and/or supportive friends. When we maintain a good social connection and physical wellness balance is attained. 

Some ways to find balance: Take a virtual yoga class, spend Sundays with the family or take a day off for self care. You can also use this wellness wheel as a resource for finding and maintaining balance.

"The Wellness Wheel illustrates a wellness model with seven dimensions:  emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environmental, financial, and spiritual.  All of the dimensions are interconnected and important to a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.” - Clarion U

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