How I Can Help

Therapy solutions to help you live an empowered life

Parent Child Interaction Therapy

ages 2-7 years

PCIT can help you stop yelling decreasing parental frustration while increasing attention and collaborative compliance in  just 5 minutes a day!

Online counseling via secure video chat for individual adults and children

ages 11+ years

My clinical approach develops the strengths that you already have and challenges your current thoughts and behaviors to get you to new levels in life!



Evaluation + Treatment

ages 2+ years


ADOS-2 Evaluation and comprehensive assessment for suspected autism spectrum disorder


Lit Session

Holistic Intuitive Therapy

ages 18+ years

Lit Session is holistic intuitive healing for those who may be seeking guidance or support in life. Holistic healing addresses physical, mental and spiritual ailments for healing and awakening. Virtual, online solutions to meet you where you are for support that makes a difference. Awaken and Live Life Lit!

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."

-Carl Jung



I believe in harnessing our strengths to challenge our weaknesses rather than allowing our weaknesses to challenge our strengths! I come from a very diverse background and enjoy working in diverse populations. My approach changes the patterns of thinking and behavior that don’t lead to desired results in life. My clinical work is based on strengths development and focused on solutions to increase self-awareness and personal growth. I service both adolescents and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, grief and other adjustments to life or those who struggle to just fit in.