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Professional Services

Amanda Ashley, of Amanda Ashley Life is truly commitment to community. Known as a dot connector and people visionary, she has a community-centered approach to collaboration. She is a two time recipient of the Presidential Service Award for volunteering hundreds of hours to her local community in Gainesville, FL. She provides inspiration, life support resources, and methods to build true, “real life” connections through embracing technology meaningfully. Amanda Ashley currently specializes in Autism diagnosis and treatment, psychotechnology and attachment, group therapy and holistic integrative therapy as owner of Lit Session.

Professional Mediation

Mediation helps parties resolve conflict using a variety of styles and approaches to do this.  Much like doctors and counselors will use different strategies to achieve desired results, so too do mediators use different techniques.  The three main styles of mediation are evaluative, facilitative, and transformative. I believe in using all three styles as more of an eclectic approach that evaluates, validates and creates a space for healing.


Professional Development + Specialized Programming

As educator and licensed mental health professional, my unique perspective in the classroom often aided in classroom management, conflict resolution, mindfulness and community building. I assist by developing a program of services, supports, and professional development trainings to support educators and emotional support professionals in effective classroom and teaching strategies for working with children with mental health disorders. 


Professional Consultation & Mentorship

This services is for other professionals seeking information on

  • Beginning private practice

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD

  • Minority mental health

  • Resilience and strength bases therapeutic interventions 

  • Holistic integrative techniques

  • Cannabis patient inclusive therapy

  • Psychotechnology and attachment for setting appropriate lifestyle boundaries with technology based on recommendations from the Center for Humane Technology.

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