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Professional Services

Amanda Ashley, of Amanda Ashley Life is truly commitment to community. Known as a dot connector and people visionary, she has a community-centered approach to collaboration. She is a two time recipient of the Presidential Service Award for volunteering hundreds of hours to her local community in Gainesville, FL. She provides inspiration, life support resources, and methods to build true, “real life” connections through embracing technology meaningfully. Amanda Ashley currently specializes in Autism diagnosis and treatment, psychotechnology and attachment, group therapy and holistic integrative therapy as owner of Lit Session Holistic Integrative Wellness, Inc.


Professional Consultation & Mentorship

Are you:

  • Starting your private practice?

  • Exploring Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) expertise?

  • Focused on minority mental health?

  • Seeking resilience-centered therapeutic interventions?


Look no further! My comprehensive guidance covers a spectrum of specialties, from Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) to holistic integrative techniques. We're at the forefront of transformative therapies like Cannabis and Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy. Immerse yourself in the future with Virtual Reality Therapeutic Technologies, explore the nuances of Psychotechnology, and establish healthier tech boundaries guided by the Center for Humane Technology. Let's elevate your professional journey together! 🚀💼


Professional Development + Specialized Programming

🌈 Elevate Your Educational Impact! 📚✨

As an educator and licensed mental health professional, my unique perspective extends beyond traditional roles. In the classroom, I've been a guiding force for effective classroom management, conflict resolution, mindfulness, and community building. Now, let me bring that expertise to you! 🚀


I specialize in developing tailored programs, services, and professional development trainings for educators and emotional support professionals. Together, we'll navigate effective classroom strategies, emphasizing the nuances of working with children with mental health disorders. Let's create an environment where every child can thrive emotionally and academically! 🌟🍎


Professional Mediation

Mediation is a crucial instrument in resolving conflicts within community and government relations, employing a diverse range of styles and approaches. Much like physicians and counselors tailor their strategies for specific needs, mediators utilize three primary styles: evaluative, facilitative, and transformative. I advocate for an eclectic approach that seamlessly integrates all three styles, offering assessment, facilitation, and a supportive environment for healing within community and government interactions.

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