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UNPLUGGED: 2020 Media seriously harms your Mental Health

I take regular breaks from media, I don’t wait until I’m not okay. We should unplug regularly to prevent media fatigue and the overload of the opinions of others. It’s important to avoid unhealthy comparisons and to self-reflect often.

2020 has proven how toxic the media can be, we were bombarded in the media with traumatic images, hurtful biases, and unrealistic expectations of others. Symptoms of depression and anxiety from the sudden uncertainty affected most of us. Many of us have all gone through major life adjustments and many of us have had to make the toughest decisions this year. It’s been stressful to say the least. As we close out 2020 I’m focused on caring for self.

Sometimes this doesn’t always look like a self care ritual but the simple moments where I consider what’s best for me. I stay compassionate with myself and allow myself the patience to grow through life’s experiences. I learned a lot about myself and what’s most important to me this year.

Here are 5 things I learned from 2020:

  1. Life is something to be celebrated in all moments for the beginning of every new day is not promised.

  2. Life is often full of uncertainty, I was reminded to stay grounded and rooted in my beliefs.

  3. Stay close to loved ones and cherish the present moments

  4. Unplugging is necessary for my mental health

  5. Caring about myself is not selfish but allows me to bring the best version of myself to the table.

As a therapist sometimes people see me as someone who has it all figured out. I am human. I am a person. I have feelings. I have a life. I am a mother. I work and run a business. I advocate for what’s important to me. I’ve taken my education seriously and I’ve overcome lots of adversity....But I am still figuring it out.

2020 has connected me to my community in the most inspiring way! I’m always honored to be part of someone else’s journey!

For all the moments that hurt i was strengthened and not broken. You made it through one of the worst years in history with me, sending air hugs 🤗 and positive vibes 🙌🏽 all 2021!

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