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Practicing Self Care

Self-care is so important at a time like this where mental health is being challenged in the workplace, the media and within our family units as we struggle to find the “new normal”. What does this even look like during a pandemic when life keeps going and normal is an entirely new concept? For me it is something that I prioritize right up there with brushing my teeth. I am a licensed mental health counselor and life coach, in my final year of completing my PhD and I’m working in real estate on the side. Oh did I mention I am also a single mother of two toddler boys who has recently added a social life to the mix?

As someone who leads by example, I’d never recommend for client to practice something that I wouldn’t practice myself. With that being said, there are many tips for effectively practicing self-care starting with prioritizing time for yourself, relaxing, taking a bubble bath, reading a book, meditating, etc. While these are all great tips what I’ve learned is that self-care has to be something that I prioritize routinely. It’s the way I show myself that I genuinely care about how I‘m doing.

As an Expert this is how i handle self-care:

  • I take weekly staycations/ vacations to recharge and reflect

  • I speak to a therapist regularly

  • I work on my aim at the gun range

  • I Treat myself to a spa day and dinner alone

  • I Have meaningful orgasms

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