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Ordering Groceries Online From Amazon With EBT

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Did you know you can use Amazon’s Alexa app to build your shopping list and have it delivered to your door? Amazon offers special discounts and promotions to individuals and families who receive SNAP or Medicaid benefits.

If you receive SNAP benefits or Medicaid due to COVID-19 or any other hardship you may be eligible for high speed wireless internet for as low as $9.95/month.

Did you know you can get Alexa in your home for as little as $30 (and yes, she’s most likely the government...but so is Siri and your baby monitor or security system anyway). Sorry that’s who it was for :) ...but the Alexa app is free and you can even select your groceries right from the Amazon app.

Parents if you’re limited on time and helping hands, this may be helpful!

In light of the coronavirus, staying away from heavily populated and saturated places is ideal.

2. Follow the link for the service provided in your area. AT&T or Cox

3. Subscribe to Amazon Prime on the Amazon app from your smartphone and get %50 off ($6/mo)

4. Order Alexa (free 2 day shipping) if you choose

5. Add your EBT or Medicaid card to your method of payment in the Amazon app..

6. Order groceries and build lists in the Amazon or Alexa app or simply talk to Alexa.

7. Groceries are delivered promptly usually between 2hr-2days depending on availability

***This is a great resource for food deserts, fresh foods are limited by coverage areas.

Simple. Click HERE For FAQs and more info!

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