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Back to School: “The New Normal”

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Being a parent in a world that seems so uncertain can increase anxiety, grow fear and cause doubt. Change can be uncomfortable, with so many options and not much direction. Making decisions such as sending children back to school can seem overwhelming.

Whether you’ve decided that enough is enough and virtual school is not for your family, or your family benefits from more focused time together, trust in your ability to do what’s best for your child, after did make it this far. 

The best way to help our children manage their stress is to manage our own stress. By modeling appropriate behaviors and living balanced lifestyles we demonstrate what is acceptable for our family. More is caught than is taught. We also tend to respond to adversity better when our own stress is managed properly. Here are some ways you can stay balanced and managing stress in your family:

  1. Keep a positive attitude, learn to let small frustrations go and celebrate the positive parts of each day.

  2. Stay active and eat a balanced diet, there is waaayy too much processed food in our diets.

  3. Set goals and try new things, don’t be afraid to learn something new

  4. Be joyful, take pride and joy in daily activities and create peace in your environments

  5. Make time to play with your children and time alone for self-care

  6. Be aware of how you affect others 

While COVID-19 seems to remain in the forefront of our attention, let us not forget to maintain balance.  There will always be adversity, that’s part of life but we don’t have to be consumed by it. Live a little more, laugh a little more and enjoy the one life you have to live.

Photo credit: iLLite Fotos

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